Friday, September 3, 2010

Show and Tell

A fun blog is having a show and tell story picture time. I wanted to join in. This picture was either skill or luck, I cant decide. It was when I still had my lame little Rebel (the first one canon ever made, it took 3 years to take a picture) I had a fish eye on that a friend let me barrow and had a HUGE professional lens that someone else let me barrow with a big ol filter on it. It made my little dinky camera weigh about 20 pounds, it was literally bigger than the camera itself. I was asked to photograph an 80s dance and this guy looked like he was about to do something cool when he goes in the middle of the dance floor. People gather around and BAM a flip from standing flat on two feet. I GOT IT IN MID AIR, completely upside down! first time! BOO-YA! Little dinky camera came thru for me!




Negative Nelly said...

Ok, this is AWESOME! Great job!

Natalie said...

Oh wow! That is really awesome! love the fisheye lens effect plus the capture itself was magnificent! I'd be tooting my own horn over that one ! ;-) thanks for linking up!

janineb said...

man would I kill for a fish-eye. great capture!

JustCorey said...

that is a great shot... i also like that with the fish eye you have your focus but also the crowd... is the guy in the suit posing for

thanks for the show n tell :)

Photo Freak said...

Thanks Corey, I dont remember but he looks like he was getting ready to be next in the middle!