Saturday, September 11, 2010

I would never...

I would never let a baby eat cereal that he spilled off the ground!
I would never let young active boys sit in front of the TV on a sunny day!!
I would never in a million years have piles of folded laundry around the house.
I would never stop what I was doing to get on my hands and knees to take a picture of a dung beetle pushing around poop...
I would never let a child eat raw cookie dough!
OR give a child a cookie when they are washed and ready to go to bed!
I don't laugh at children who throw fits...NEVER!
Or let a dog kiss said child!
Don't worry, I would never take a picture of you if you didn't want me to!
Have I mentioned how good I am at putting my laundry away?
I would never let a baby outside in the weeds without proper shoes on!
I would never encourage the kind of behavior were little boys play with curtains. That's crazy. I certainly wouldn't count then down from 3...
If there is anything I wouldn't do its let little children outside in there underwear and play on the trampoline with a ball and a boy with a HARD cast on...or let the child with a cast on play on the trampoline!! NEVER!

What are some things that you NEVER do?



Missy said...

At least your laundry is folded. I would never allow my children to color each other with markers and when they run out, offer them another package of markers.

Kayla Van Patten said...

Ditto what Missy said! at least your clothes are folded!!!

I would NEVER let my daughter play in the bathtub for 3 hours must so I can edit pictures without her bugging me. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

LOL - I'm trying to think of what I'd never do...nothing is coming to me. I did get your email. Unfortunately, when I responded, it bounced back. Here's where you can find my button:

At the top.

CFOC said...

HA! I can picture you saying these things! WHat would I "never" do? Hmmmmm......Bribe children with candy? : )

Mandy said...

Ha ha I would never let my baby watch 3 episodes in a row of Mickey Mouse so I could blog! ;-)
Love all of these photos, so cute!

Sarah Halstead said...

I have done ALL of these things. You should see the pile of laundry on my couch, but it isn't even folding. You should have seen how dirty Dustyn was from playing in the dirt today at the mud races.

Sumer Lovin said...

I would never... take my child out of the house without clothes on (but we dont go in anywhere lol)

Chelsea said...

I love the photo of the dog kisses!

soooooo cute. you capture some of the sweetest moments!

Tezzie said...

Ha! Pretty much all of the above are ahem...'never' done here ;D And, as was mentioned least your laundry is folded!

Angela said...

I love this post!! I've never done some of those same things :-)

janineb said...

love this. for us, its definitely the food on the floor. In our house, instead of the 30 second rule, I call it the 30 day rule. "Oh, you found that cheerio IN the couch?. Ok then, have at it"

Pam said...

This is awesome and I may be stealing it in the near future. Although, a ton of mine would be the exact same as yours. love.