Friday, September 10, 2010

I want to be (re-posted)

{I wrote this a long time ago, felt like sharing it again!}

What kind of a photographer do you want to be? I want to be a photographer that isn't inside a box. A box of perfection, missing the personality and passionate love or joy you can catch in a picture.


I don't want Photography to be the way I get money. Yes, I get paid to take pictures for people, but lets say my own fantasy world came true and I was world renown for photography. I would never charge family and best friends for a photo shoot! I will never be above bringing my camera to a friends birthday party and giving them a completely edited CD of pictures just because I love them and want to use my gift to bless people. I want to call up a woman at church who has had a new baby and offer to come take pictures, only because I love doing it. For the love of Photography!


I want to see the whole picture when I am out photographing people! I want to see the reflections! Take off the blinders and look at the beauty around you!!

I know a lot of photographers that are, excuse my french, snobs! They will not pull out there camera because they don't want to be taken advantage of and they don't want to be taken as someone who isn't "serious" (These are straight from a few horses mouths) Excuse me if I don't agree. I love photography for the art of it, for the joy of capturing moments and bring Gods beauty to a stand still. I don't ever want to become that kind of Photographer. I want to wear my Camera like necklace and take pictures of everyone, everything, every chance I get for the reason that I love to do it!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


Were is the beauty around you? Is it going to the perfect beach or the best mountain top in town? Is it in front of a begonia bush? NO, its all around you. Find it, its sitting right there. Look around you, can you see it?


If there is anything I want to be known for its not so much my photography as it is my generosity. I want to be generous with my love, my time and my talents.

Photobucket Photobucket

The truth is when we leave this world you are leaving everything behind. Don't obsess about the "stuff" but make sure you loved people and shared Gods love with everyone you knew.


Question? What is better than a messy boy? Answer NOTHING!!


So, I ask all you amazing Photographers out there. What inspires you? What makes you love taking pictures. I love all the subjects in my pictures best!




Christina said...

My response to this blog entry. Love you! Enjoy :)

Missy said...

I just want to learn when and how to use my flash! LOL

lovingmylife said...

I love photography and want to capture the everyday dirty face moments. Not just the posed ones. Those are fun too but I want to look back and remember "real" life too. And you are so right beauty is ALL around!

Photo Freak said...

Missy! Don't ever ever use your stock flash! Blech! There are different modes and settings that will allow you to not use a flash. Or buy one that is usefull! Not one of my pictures had a flash!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Jess...really hit home ♥
Kayla VanPatten

Anonymous said...

your photos make me smile....
Aunt Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I'm speechless. That's rare

Amy said...


Tezzie said...

I love capturing beauty in the oddest places...and showing how I see the world.

Your images are stunning...true originality and personality in all of them. Wonderful!!!

arveerella said...

wow... found you on stumbleupon... what amazing photos you have here! i love them... keep up the good work!♥ said...

Just found this site via ramblings and photos! When I read this post I started getting tears in my eyes, because this is how I feel! I just thought you where "suopposed to" be thinking different as a photographer! Now I got soooo inspired! Thank you for sharing this post! I´ll be back here! be sure of it! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!! I feel the same way - be inspired, find beauty, find joy, capture memories! Don't try to be "perfect", live (and capture) life! Have a visual remembrance.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I do hire out to do photos for people. The biggest compliment I get when I've done photos for someone is to hear "You've really captured his/her personality!" It might not be a technically perfect photo - in fact, it most likely will NOT be - but if the subject's personality shines through, then it's perfect to me.

And for those who won't pull out their camera just whenever, because they want to be "serious", how much more serious/dedicated can you be than to wear your "camera like a necklace" and capture memories everyday - whether they be for you or someone else?! Fantastic post!!!

Sheena said...

I love this post! I share many of the same sentiments... Thanks for articulating them! And, lovely images, too!