Friday, August 20, 2010

Name that Photo

It has been a long time scenes I have done this, and I miss it. This summer was crazy. On top of just being home with little people all day there were broken arms and almost cut off toes. Little trips back home and play dates at Burger King. I am back to a normal schedule and am going to start this back up! Have some fun with us!

The rules to this game.
#1 Look at the Photo!
#2 Be genius!!
#3 Name or Caption the photo
#4 Leave the Name or Caption in the comments
#5 Become a follower
#6 Win a prize (results on this one will vary! :) )

What will you win? This beautiful, handmade necklace made by myself, of course!!

On your mark, get set, NAME!


Wym said...

This place could use some about some puke?

Ashley Sisk said...

Naming photos is a real challenge for me and this is definitely a challenge - there's so much going on in this photo...where to start.

If I think about the looks on their faces, it's almost as if somebody is GUILTY. Let's call this one "Looking Guilty"

I'd love to win that necklace!

Anonymous said...

The house looked like this before...I swear!!

Missy said...

"Are you sure that was a chocolate chip?"
Love the bracelet!
And, of course, I am a follower! A loyal follower! LOL

Katie said...

Red looked on bemusedly as Curly launched his first wet willie on the unsuspecting Toothy...

Anonymous said...

Dued, Seriously, my mouth was open and everything. Youv got to warn someone when your going to crack one off like that!
-Big Daddy

CFOC said...

(oldest brother shaking his head in disbelief) "I can't believe he just ate that!"
(middle child)"huh?"
(from "David") "Dude...did you really just eat that off the ground?"

Ali said...

hey glad I found you again or you found me ;)! Cute pic of the boys!!

This one just totally reminds me of the three stooges!

How about...
"Uh, someone licked the frosting off dad's birthday cake? Not me!"

Anonymous said...

I bite my thumb at you good sir!

Kayla Van Patten said...

"Since when do they start doing line ups AT the scene of the crime guys?!

Brandon Silva said...

Dued, dont look at them. They will know it was us. You look so guilty! Ahhh, we arent bringing you anymore!