Monday, August 23, 2010

And the winner is...

This was a hard one. I guess they are all hard, but this one was hard because they were all funny. There were a few that made me literally laugh out loud! For example...
This place could use some about some puke? -Wym

Red looked on bemusedly as Curly launched his first wet willie on the unsuspecting Toothy... -Katie (Katie always makes me laugh and has already won, but that doesn't mean she wont win again, however it does seem I put every single one of her entrees down. She is just that funny)

(oldest brother shaking his head in disbelief) "I can't believe he just ate that!"
(middle child)"huh?"
(from "David") "Dude...did you really just eat that off the ground?" -CFOC

Baaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha. Ya ll crack me up, seriously!

The winner tho, the one that gets more than an honorary mention is....

Honestly, I don't know if she won because it is the funniest or because when I saw it I was drinking coffee and I laughed so hard that the coffee in question came out of my noseor it could be because she has one of the funniest blog I have ever read! Either way, she won. Congratulations my friend and e-mail me the sending info!

Thanks y'all for playing and don't worry. You will win, there will come a time even if its when you win just because I feel so guilty that I never pick you. Hey winning is winning, right?


CFOC said...

I don't want guilt win....I want REAL win! And if I don't (which doesn't really even bother me so much) at least I get to record my commentary on your photos. That, in and of itself, is a prize!

Missy said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I won? Love this!!!! Woo-HOOOOOO!~~!!!!

Photo Freak said...

e-mail me girl. let me know were to send the necklace!