Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things I see -Homework

OK, this is cool homework and I realllllllllly want to see you guys do it. It was super fun! I was at a preschool graduation (basically the cutest thing I have ever seen) and as I was looking around I couldn't help but see all the beauty around me! So, I snapped away, the kicker and the point of the assignment is I didn't get off my seat for any of the pictures, I swiveled, that's about it! This is what I saw around me!

Balloons, they were everywhere...and who doesn't love a cop sitting in the chair with the most balloons tied to it? He had his gun on him and everything! Loved it!

Beautiful Necklace. This lady was all kinds of stylen!

My favorite only heals!

Can I have this in my size? I loved this shirt!

This balloon was turning in circles, people probably thought I was crazy sitting there with the camera up to my face waiting for it to face me, the sun behind it is beautiful!

My favorite picture! The sun is beautiful, the old lady hands are beautiful. I love this picture!

SO, go to a restaurant, or a park and sit in one spot and just snap away! Have fun!


Wym said...

This looks like fun!

The Deans said...

Did this one today...caught Bella picking her nose= Amazing!

TheCowans said...

Think I just may have to do this one!!

Christina said...

K. done. Check my blog. :)