Sunday, May 30, 2010


What is your favorite picture? The best picture you have ever taken, so far? They could be on purpose or on accident! I have two...these two are my prized pictures that I LOVE to look at! One was on purpose and the other, I don't know if it was skill or luck, but its mine!
The first is a picture of a couple, some best friends of mine kissing while the sun was setting behind them. I of course took about 20 of these so I have them in different presets but this one is amazing, the silhouettes are perfect! This was taken with my old Rebel. Photobucket
This is the one that I think is my all time favorite! I LOVE it! I was hired to take pictures of an 80's themed dance. I am going to have to pull out the pictures from that night. The soul train was UN real! This guy was caught in mid back flip! I love the peoples reactions, especially his friend. I love catching moments like this. Like I say, accident or skill, it doesn't matter because its mine! It was also taken with that Rebel. Its funny how I was so happy to get rid of it and yet it produced my two favorite pictures!
SO, your homework...put on your blog your favorite picture you have taken. When you put it on your page put a link to Photo Freak so people know why your doing it. I cant wait to see those amazing pictures!


Missy said...

Love that! I think I was there! LOL

Becky said...

wow, they are both amazing. How did you get that first shot, what mode were you in?

Photo Freak said...

Becky, I was in manual. It was all the beautiful light at the beach and my amazing models!

talamee said...

I like these, they're both so different but both are really great! :-)

I also found two of my pictures that I like :-)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's favorite pictures!! :)

The Deans said...

Homework completed:)