Operation Tummy Tuck

Second Weigh in!

Ok, the crazy thing is, I have never really worked out to lose weight before, I always just dieted.  Well, this time I am working out and my weight is slowely going down but my body is transforming.  Im assuming its me gaining muscle?  Iv only lost three pounds this month, but have lost two inches off my waist and hips.  Strange.   


Currently I am
Waist: 29
Hips: 36
Thighs: 20
Arms: 11
Weight = 139

From now on it will be known as "OTT"  I have gained 12 pounds this year...twelve!!  Uggg, sick!  So, I am going to do an Operation Tummy Tuck {OTT}  if you want to do it with me, feel free.  What I did was give myself a goal of 15 pounds AND I want these jeans to button. They button now, but there is a yummy muffin top when I do, so I want to button them and have room like I did before summer started.  So here we go, first OTT.


Currently I am
Waist = 31in
Hips = 38 in
Thighs = 21 in
Arm = 12 in

Weight = 142