Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been so busy its been crazy. I haven't stopped to even think.


That's better! I miss all my amazing photo blogs and tomorrow I have some time to sit and look around at the amazing pictures.

Today I will leave you with a picture of what God is speaking to me.

He has been telling me he loves me...and during a particularly intense moment of him telling me that he thought I was the bees knees I cut open my onion and I saw this

God is sweet isn't he? I started crying a little, and not because I was slicing open an onion.


Christina said...

Sometimes it's the littlest of things that speak the loudest to us, huh? I love it.

SherilinR said...

that's so cool how He gave you a heart & then made you cry. i'd be crying from the onion juice too.

Missy said...

Love this photo and this post!

Jiu Jitsu Los Angeles said...

All you really need is love! That's sort of ironic that you sliced the onion to discover that shape. I once had that happen with an apple. Are you sure you weren't crying because you were slicing the onion though? :)

bandofbrothers said...

Aw, I just loved this! That is so cool!