Thursday, November 4, 2010

crazy flipping week!

Sorry, its been four days scenes I have done a proper post. I didn't even do a challenge this week...that's OK because i be tired. Sick kids, projects due, husband off of work, writing a book...but its 6 am right now and I'm all alone (for now) to do whatever I please!

So the WINNERS of the bath contest...

In first place is TEZZIE : Good job girl, I hope this doesn't mean you stop entering because you now have a first, second and third place! She got 33% of the votes.


Second Place is Jeanette : girl that baby is cute. I think the lip and those eyes are the whole reason this picture won, its so fabulous. She 31% of the votes.


In third place is Mandy. This boy is so cute and not the first time he has won one of my contest. He is that amazing! She got 15% of the votes.


And finally, a new treat. You all sent in such AMAZING photos that I just had to make something to recognize you. For everyone who was a finalist in this contest, grab this button and display it proudly!

I'm going to go write a little more...


Zondra Art said...



Tezzie said...

A HUGE thank you to everyone that voted for my bubble girl <3. And, congratulations Jeanette and Mandy; gorgeous shots of some seriously cute kids! :D

And, thank you Photo Freak for nominating my pic as a favourite. (no worries...I'll keep entering your contest...I'm addicted, remember?! ;D)

Jeanette said...

Congratulations Tezzie and Mandy! They are beautiful pictures. I am honored to have mine in there with them! Thank you for nominating me and for everyone who voted!