Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vote Vote Vote

Here we go, my Ten favorite pictures that were entered. These pictures are simply amazing and make me want to work harder at photography. Enjoy! Get your friends to come on over and vote for you so that you can get a pointless button for your blog. We all want one of those! First, Second and Third place will be awarded in this oh so important contest that will possibly change someones lives...forever. (Iv been doing to much writing, forgive me!)

#1 (This is not an easy shot to get, iv tried, and failed)

#2 (I think she stole this from a magazine)

#3 (I love this, you don't even know how much I Love silhouettes!)

#4 (I love me some doggy noses!)

#5 (Majestic)

#6 (I'm buying this photo and I'm going to wallpaper my house with it. There are no words for the awesomeness that is this photo)

#7 (Really? I'M embarrassed for myself and my sorry attempts to get cool bug pictures now)

#8 (Everything about this picture. The editing and the centering is perfection)

#9 (I love the completely fuzzy background, the way the birds feet are perched and how clear this shot is.)

#10 (Ill bet this dog is the most gentle thing in the world. I love action shots!)

Yall got three days.



Captivus said...

Awesome images! I knew better than to submit any of my crap ;-) I voted!!!!

Tezzie said...

Oh, meeee...meeee!! I want a pointless button for my blog!! Not to mention that life changing experience...;D (thanks for liking my shots, and for your kind words <3)

Satakieli said...

Beautiful choices, these were some of my favourites too, how to choose just one to vote for?

Missy said...

The calf! All are so good!

Christina said...

Maybe there should be a beginner and an advanced category? My camera (oh, and my skills) don't even compare to these...

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yay...I'm just excited to be a favorite. But seriously...these photos are incredible!