Friday, September 3, 2010

And the winners are.....

OK, this was a hard one. All those kids were super cute! I had so much fun doing a linky and seeing all of these photos from people all over the world. But, there must be a winner in all contests and I have chosen mine.

In third place is...

In second place...(again)

In first place is this incredible beauty! I love this picture!

And these few pictures that I HAD to put on the blog. They are SO CUTE!

Winners, congratulations and put these little awards on your blog to show everyone that you are an amazing photographer!



Angela said...

Thanks so much!! I must admit I do love that photo I took of my daughter. Now as far as grabbing the award....??? How do I do that? Which code to I get??? Thanks again!

Photo Freak said...

I will have codes for the next one...when it is figured out. For now, just copy it and put it somewere!

Rachel said...

COngratulations to all the winners. Great photos, all!

Captivus said...

Excellent choices! I just LOVE 3rd place! Look at those eyes! wow!

Satakieli said...

Just popped over (not really sure how I managed to make my way here, but that's the way these internet things work, lol!)

Beautiful photos, totally agree with you on the winner, what a cutie!

Sarah Halstead said...

YAY! I was featured. Congratulations to the winners. :)

CFOC said...

Oh my goodness...that baby picture is fantastic!

Missy said...

Again, they are all great!

Jingle said...

children are magical angels.