Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A lot of people have asked me what I use to edit my pictures with. I use what MOST photographers use and its Lightroom. If you don't have it and your into photography you must get it. Its not terribly expensive and totally worth it! There are tons and tons and tons and tons....of things you can do with a picture! For example!
This is the original. This picture is just great, even before editing, that is why I chose it. This girl just cant make a bad picture!

This is a Beautiful Black and White. I love my B&W to be clear and bold!

This is called "Aged Photo" one of my favorites even tho I don't use it that often. I thought it really made her eyes POP

A nice Sepia. Everyone loves Sepia!

This is one of my Presets that I made which I seem to be using all the time, its called "orange bathroom" (There is history behind it, I didn't just pull that out of the air!)

The most common one is the strong contrast. There are a lot of times that I don't like to over edit, if its not broke don't fix it, BUT a little "Bedazzling" is NEVER bad!

The best part of this pic...I got a pic of me and a chubby baby to!


Wym said...

beautiful girl. She cant take a bad photo! But Im partial...

Victoria said...

I love your orange bathroom!!! Presets are great - but I love to tinker with my photos in LR without a preset, you can do sooo much! I love the reflection!!!

Photo Freak said...

well Tinkering is a must, if you dont tincker to make it work for that picture then its called lazy editing! Onward with the tinkering!

rae said...

That last one is SO cool!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I got a free beta version of lightroom. Its about to expire soon though! boo!

Evolving Through Running said...

Your pictures are really great! I'm a big fan of BOLD contrast on B&W as well. I've used Photoshop for years, but have been toying with a change. Might have to give Lightroom a look. Also need to add about 10 hours to each day so I have time to actually get the camera out and do some post-production.

CFOC said...

Beautiful picture. Especially the last one. Gorgeous eyes...and i love the tiny reflected detail within.

Missy said...

Beautiful! I do good just to focus...