Sunday, May 2, 2010

THE room

There is a room in my house that has the most beautiful light. It is the guest room. If I open the curtains and turn off the lights, I get the most beautiful, natural light I have ever seen. For example. This picture was taken with NO WB features, no flash...nothing.


Both of those pictures were taken on different days, different months for that matter. Both int he same room, one day was sunny, one day was over cast, still beautiful lighting!

I'm seriously considering making this room into a studio. I could take the bed out and put up some cool back drops and find some neat chairs for kids to sit in and get a table to put a fun basket and blanket on and stick a little bundle of toes and fingers in there!


Can you believe this light? What do you think? Anyone had a studio inside there home? How can I pass up lighting like this? Its so amazing!

ALSO, this is my friends beautiful daughter Grayson. Pretty right? Go find yourself a friend with beautiful children! Its fun!


Wym said...

THAT is MY kid. She needs no special light, she makes her own.

rae said...

WOW, awesome. And Wym is right...

lovingmylife said...

I would make a studio in my home if I had good lighting! I live in a dungeon! Ick Beautiful photos and I love the name Grayson. :)