Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homework- Completed!

This was FUN! I loved getting these in the mail! Looking at all these pretty faces. I pray that God blesses each one of them!

I hope that this shows yall that you dont need a "Professional" camera. Some were taken with pro cameras, some with Rebels, some with phones! I got about 6 e-mails saying. I want to do it but my camera sucks! NO WAY! Yall get F's who didnt do it! (I kid I kid!) Everyone else gets an A+! A little something to get you excitted to IS, the girl in first picture is next weeks Guest Photographer. She is excellent and I cant wait to see what she has to say!


The next piece of homework I am giving you I really really really hope you all do. I am going to do it first, then give you the opportunity. It is going to take some work and some bravery, that is why I will do it first. Its called "Before and After" I am goign to take a picture of myself when I first wake up THEN, I am going to get myself prettied up. I am going to take pics of the process. It should be interesting to see the process. Im afraid that the before and after may look a lot different! I really hope you guys play along with me!

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Anne said...

That was fun Jess! I am looking forward to future homework assignments. I am hoping my photo skills will be challenged and improved along the way! Love ya!