Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dah Winnaaaahhh!

The winner for the "Name That Photo" contest is OMGirl! Go visit her blog and tell her how awesomely hilarious she is!



OMGirl, you truly inspire us all with your wit. You've won a fabulous prize, pictured below. (If all you future-winners would like a picture-montage of awesomeness like this, you can email the hostess of this fantastic site and she will hook you UP.)

(Also, OMGirl, I have no idea how you claim your prize. Maybe you should email someone? Maybe you could just leave a bunch of fun comments in THIS post, as well... Maybe you could just bequeath it to me? :)


There's tons of other amusing captions, though. I don't want you to think that OMGirl is the ONLY clever, witty reader of this blog. Here are some of my other favorites (HINT: these can be found in comments; many funnies there, these are MINE, because I WON the 'stach contest):

"We finally resorted to dog licks instead of underwear on the littlest one..."
just call me jo

"...and so the boys decided that they did not want to be underwear models after all."

FAAABULous job, everyone. Get those thinkin' caps ready because there's another one comin' at 'cha' in a hot minute!

Love, Rae

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