Thursday, April 29, 2010


What is beauty? Could it be a woman giggling at the right moment and biting the side of her lip because she is uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Can there be beauty in Mid Flip?


What about finally deciding to look at the camera and not giggle, even if it means you cant smile at all or you will again, giggle...


Is there beauty in a shy little boy who only wants to be held by his mother?


What do you think? Do you think that something UN posed and impromptu can be beautiful? Do we need to get out the perfect lighting every time? Do we need to make sure there is a perfect background? I think no, in fact, I think this is the prettiest kind of beautiful!


Mrs Bossy said...

No. The best photos are UN posed, when you catch something before it disappears. That moment is captured and shared over & over.

CFOC said...

I absolutely agree with you on that. Spontaneous and "of the moment" is best!

Kathleen said...

Love the beauty you found... so much personality came through the photos.

lovingmylife said...

You captured beauty. Shoot me an email sometime. capturingyesterdaysmemories (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks! :-)

abigaildaniels said...

beautiful pics of a beautiful lady! Great job!